Adventure Reviews

White Water Rafting

Our very first adventure review is for our white water rafting trip in Ohiopyle Pennsylvania with a wonderful company, Laurel Highlands. This was our first time rafting and our guide Noah made our trip a lot of fun. We rafted the lower Yough, which had class III-IV rapids. This was perfect for a beginner as the rapids were not too rough or too frequent. You got to have the thrill of the river with some nice breaks in between. As a beginner on the lower Yough, a fully guided trip (the guide is in your raft) is the way to go. The age limit for the lower Yough trip is 12 years.

Other Options….

When you get into the class IV-V rapids of the upper Yough, you have to be 18 years old. I would not choose the upper unless you have a good amount of experience. The middle Yough is well suited for younger children and those who do not want too much excitement. The water is mostly a calm/paddling type of environment with an occasional class I-II rapid. During our trip about 2 rapids from the put in, this newbie lost her paddle…..Uhhhh!! I felt guilty because the rest of my raft team had to steer the raft and I got to take the “princess tour”. I offered to take my daughter’s paddle, but she wasn’t having it.

See them all look at me as I try to save my paddle??

Taking great care of us

The rafting was a great experience, but that is not the only reason we love Laurel Highlands. The most important reason is that they went ABOVE AND BEYOND to accommodate our needs. We were camping in Ohiopyle State Park, which was a very STEEP HIKE from the downtown area and the Laurel Highlands Store. When making our reservations we let the staff know that we did not have a vehicle. Laurel Highlands worked with us to make sure that we were able to check in at the store and also had transportation back to the store after our trip ended. They allowed us to store our belongings under the counter at the store and these were safely returned following the trip. These are not services that are offered, so this was very accommodating of the staff at Laurel Highlands.

More to come

My husband and my 3 boys plan to return for another rafting trip with Laurel Highlands in late July. They will be staying at Laurel Highlands campground for that trip. They have full hookup sites that appear very spacious with some trees. Will keep you posted on the next experience . We will post reviews when they return.

Just Can’t Get Enough…

So, the boys took their trip back to Ohio Pyle and this time chose Yough Lake Campground at Tub Run. Check out my campsite review for more on this great campground. My husband chose to go back to Laurel Highlands River Tours for yet another rafting adventure. The boys even had the same guide as our June trip, Noah in boat 420. Again, there were nothing but great things said about this trip. The guys loved Noah and his humorous rhetoric. When they pulled out for the trip he made comments like, “its gonna get juicy today!” After they hit a pretty big rapid and 2 of the boys and Noah fell out, he said “I just saw my boat flash before my eyes.” He really knows how to make light of situations and make you feel very comfortable. Again, tons of fun!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Mears, Michigan

Our next trip took us to Silver Lakes Sand Dunes in Mears Michigan. We had our JEEP in tow and our foster dog “Boomer” was riding shotgun as second in command. He is so stinking cute! We have him for another two weeks until his daddy is back home and able to care for him again….he is the perfect traveler. We will be sad to see him go.

The trip…..

It was suppose to take us 6 hours to get to our destination in Mears, Michigan, but we took 9 hours. We do not usually exceed 65 mph and we make several stops. This is mostly for my husband’s sanity. Between wind gusts and semi trucks pushing us all over the road, he needs frequent breaks. For the most part the drive was ok, until we got to Michigan.

Everyone thinks that roads in Ohio are bad, but since starting our travels we are noticing a significant lack of road maintenance in numerous places that increases the bouncing around of our motorhome. For about the first 2 hours into Michigan we did nothing but bounce around from all the road patches…..UHHHH!! Sean is becoming more and more comfortable with handling the RV on the road and knowing what it is capable of. Boomer and I even slept for several hours on the way home and didn’t hear one curse word.

The Dunes…

We had the best time JEEPIN in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The area was beautiful! This was like a huge adult sand box! Dune buggies, JEEPS and numerous off road ready vehicles were there. To add to the entertainment there was an area where the sand was spread out for racing. It was so fun to watch the souped up and not so souped up vehicles trying to flex!

The Scenery…

The Dunes were beautiful. Being able to off road in the sand directly waterfront was a great experience. If you are an off road enthusiast or just want to relax for the day at a beautiful lake front, this is the place! The adjacent little town was also nice. They have a few ice cream shops, some souvenir stores, mini golf and a go cart track. The state park is where we stayed, but there is also a Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground along with several other RV parks. Super fun area. We will be back for sure, but next time I may have a can-am ATV or a Polaris RZR…..Man those things look fun!!